Bli bedre kjent med bedriftene som tilbyr internships i 2023!

Sommeren 2023 tilbyr bedriftene på denne siden internship hos seg. Siden blir oppdatert fortløpende etterhvert som flere melder seg på og mer informasjon kommer. Det er også her man får tilgang til søknadsskjemaene til bedriftene. Skjemaene åpnes etter matchmakingarrangementet 8. februar. Før matchmakingen inviteres alle studenter til et digitalt informasjonsmøte.

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Dette er årets bedrifter:


Biogen er pionèrer innen nevrovitenskap. Vår forskning har revolusjonert behandlingen for nevrodegenrative sykdommmer som multippel sklerose og spinal muskelatrofi.

Vår strategi er å utvikle nye behandlingsalternativer for sykdommer som ALS, Alzheimers sykdom, Parkinsons og andre nevrodegenerative sykdommer.

Genterapi, anti-sense teknologi og bruk av digitale- og teknologiske hjelpemidler har en sentral plass i vår forskning.


Digital teknologi, digital helse og "digital therapeutics" er en ny divisjon i Biogen, "Biogen Digital Health (BDH)". Denne avdelingen har som mål å ta i bruk digital teknologi og tekniske innovasjoner for å bedre kunne forstå nevrologiske sykdommer fra symptom-debut, diagnose til behandling. Under ledelse av prosjektleder for digital helse i medisinsk avdeling i Biogen Norge, ønsker vi 1-2 studenter med interesse for dette feltet for en eller flere prosjekt-oppgave innen digital helse sommeren 2023.

Preferences: Medicine/pharmacy/informatics/bio sciences. Egenskaper: Erfaring fra å skrive prosjektoppgaver eller liknende er nyttig, men ikke et krav. Interesse for digital helse og helse-teknologi er et krav.


Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. With innovative products, Bayer is contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time. With life expectancy continuing to rise, Bayer improves quality of life for a growing population by focusing research and development activities on preventing, alleviating and treating diseases. Bayer is also making an important contribution to providing a reliable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials. Bayer has three divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science.

We have 4 different internships available for the summer of 2023: 1. Cardiorenal- The aim of this project is to create an interactive presentation and/or an online educational course on the topic chronic kidney disease associated with type 2 diabetes using an online digital tool. 2. Heart failure- To perform a literature review on existing data regarding current understanding of gender-related differences in heart failure and write a report on the findings and insights. This will include differences in various factors such as epidemiology, etiology, course of disease and response to medication in heart failure. 3. Prostate cancer -The aim of the project is to perform an in-depth analysis of existing data on the use of Radium-223 for the treatment of metastasized castration-resistant prostate cancer at 4 university hospitals in Norway and write a report on the findings and insights. 4. Pharmacovigilance (PV)- The aim of the PV project is to investigate if the education of PV is sufficient in the study programs for physicians, nurses and pharmacists in Norway today. What can be done to improve the knowledge of the importance of PV and especially to increase the reporting rate of adverse events, from these three groups of health care professionals.

For the pharmacovigilance project a medicine student is preferred, preferably in the 4th year or higher. Also for the other projects a medical student would be most suitable but other candidates are most welcome to apply as well.


Curida Diatec AS is a CDMO producing monoclonal antibodies for Diagnostic and Clinical use. All our products are produced by living cells in different production systems. We have production facilities at both Forskningsparken and at Technopolis at Fornebu. We work according to GMP and ISO quality systems. In our R&D department at Fornebu we work with different projects both for customers and for our own use.

We will do a project to test harvesting frequency of our CL1000 production vessels. The work will consist of sterile work with cells in LAF cabinet and measurements of different attributes. We expect to start training a few days in April and continue in week 25 and 26 (3 days a week) and then project work in week 27-28-29 and 30 (4 days a week). It might be necessary the also continue in week 31.

We are looking for a student with experience from lab work ( if possible sterile work too). You need to work accuratly and document well. There will also be need to do litterature search related to the project.


Medistim is a Norwegian company with main offices at Hasle (Oslo). Medistim is the world leader within our niche and our product is in daily use in thousands of operating theatres. Medistim’s purpose over the last 20 years has been to serve patients, surgeons and health care providers with medical devices that measure blood flow and visualize atherosclerosis. We mainly address open surgery, such as: -Cardiac bypass surgery -Limb saving surgery -Transplants Our product is a Windows PC built into a hospital cabinet ("MiraQ") and sterile probes used for quality assessment of surgery outcome.

The interns (2 or 3) will participate in software development and prototyping in our Innovation Team and under leadership of our Tech Lead. Example of relevant tasks are implementation of new concepts addressing specific types of surgery, image interpretation, flow interpretation and data quality enhancement related to machine learning.

Informatics students is the obvious match. However, all talented science students that are keen to dive into software development, are interesting to us.


DLOC Biosystems is an international start-up established in 2017 which developed the first ductal organ on chip device. This biochip is a scaffolding system where mammalian cells can be grown to form full 3D ductal tissues with the 3D spatial assembly, cell and matrix components that resemble those found in vivo. It currently has 11 employees and funds research in two universities to develop various organ-on-chips and optimize drug testing within the chips. The vision of the company is to grow into a contract research organization offering pre-clinical trial on chip as a service.

The aim of the internship is to use DLOC Biosystem’s proprietary microfluidics device to grow a pathophysiologically relevant complex tissue model which includes an immune component. This will be used for drug testing and to understand the mechanism of action of the drugs. About 90% of the drugs fail clinical trials and do not reach the market, with the majority of the drugs failing in late clinical trials which are expensive and jeopardize the health of the trial subjects. This is mostly because lab-grown tissues used in pre-clinical drug testing do not behave like tissues in the body. Cell behaviour is strongly influenced by the arrangement of cells within the tissue and the dynamic interactions of cells and the surrounding non-cellular components, known as 3D tissue structure and tissue microenvironment, respectively. Conventional cell culture solutions do not preserve the 3D structure nor the microenvironment. Novel 3D tissue culture solutions on bespoke microfluidic devices termed organ on a chip can provide and preserve both these things. DLOC Biosystems developed a microfluidics device which consists of an ultra-thin, porous 3D-ductal scaffold that allows for the development of ductal tissues. It also has a series of microfluidic channels, that allow the co-culturing of a supporting tissue around the duct. This is essential for the formation of the microenvironment. Within this internship, you will develop a protocol to grow lung cancer tissues to test different drugs. You will also add an immune component to the tissue model and test the therapeutic window of some drugs to prove that the organ on chip model developed is indeed able to mimic (patho)physiological conditions.

We are seeking a highly motivated student with good laboratory skills. Preferably from a bioscience or pharmacy background. Previous experience in cell culture is mandatory, experience in 3D cell culture is preferable. Knowledge of toxicity, cell viability and pharmacokinetic assays is a plus as is familiarity with microscopes especially confocal microscopes.


There is a rise in mental health conditions worldwide. To aid this development, consumers are taking interest in the megatrend of sleep & mindfulness. Selah Sleep develops and markets a calm clock that, through its content, helps people achieve a calm mental state, and as a result, sleep better. One of the key features is that the device allows the user to disconnect from their smartphones and its sleep depriving blue light, and adopt more healthy device habits.

Selah Sleep is looking for two students who are interested in or have experience with sleep, mindfullness and communication. You will help us create awareness and spread knowledge about our brand and the important links between sleep, mindfullness, habit building and technology on digital surfaces. The role will be quite open, and you will co-create your role description and activities. Questions we will explore together are: - How can we share knowledge in a fun and engaging way - that aligns with our brand? - What is our target group concerned with and where are they (on Instagram? Facebook? Physical events?)? - How can we increase traction in a creative and genuin way, and build community? You will be coming to work at StartupLab, a part of Oslo Science Park, where Selah Sleep is a member of an energetic atmosphere and a vibrant startup community.

What background you have is not too important to us - we are more concerned that you resonate with Selah’s goals of enhancing people’s lives, and that you are interested in sleep, mindfullness and/or branding. If you are open-minded, eager to learn and a skill-full communicator, we would love to hear from you!


Askin is a Norwegian MedTech company offering digital specialist healthcare services in the field of dermatology. We are connecting dermatologists with patients and healthcare professionals in an innovative way. We offer digital picture consultations, video consultations and follow-up programmes. In 2023 we are planning to expand globally. Being primarily reliant on visual assessments, dermatology is well-suited for remote consultations and care (i.e. teledermatology – TD). TD services are already widely accepted in the market, and Askin is a leading provider in Norway. The scarcity of dermatologists worldwide is a well-known challenge. With Askin’s technology and dermatologist, we offer highly specialized health care service, with swift diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and wish to relieve unnecessary suffering among patients.

Askin is planning to different programmes for skin diseases. The medical student will participate in developing these programmes.

Medical students who have finished the dermatological semester/module


Novartis er et internasjonalt legemiddelfirma som utvikler og markedsfører innovative helseteknologier og behandlingsløsninger. Selskapet har hovedkontor i Basel, Sveits og har ca 110 000 ansatte verden over. I Norge har firmaet over 100 ansatte og hovedkontor i Oslo.

Bred prosjektportefølje og mulighet for innblikk i mange funksjoner i et globalt selskap.

Fields: Medicine, Health management, Pharmacy


Ledidi is a rapidly growing Norwegian software company, founded by doctors, that offers Software-as-a-Service solutions to quantitative research and clinical registries. Our platform, Ledidi Core, is an end-to-end data management platform for clinical researchers, which offers an all-in-one solution enabling collaboration within and between organisations, and across continents in real-time, without delay. Ultimately, our software will make the research process more efficient and accessible, accelerate the research process and knowledge generation, make clinical data from quality registries more accessible, and thereby promote global health. Ledidi’s mission is to build the best software solution for clinical research and registries.

There are several options for the internship, all including some aspect of our software development. For instance, we focus on user experience and needs, and thus functionalities in demand from researchers and clinicians are important for us. We are continuously refining our development roadmap, and the intern could participate in this work. Another option is to participate in software development. We expand our analysis functionality, and a competent intern could participate in the development process for statistical or graphical software components. We will identify specific tasks the intern can contribute to. The interns will also, irrespective of their primary tasks, learn about a broader range of topics relevant to running a start-up company. We are now in a transition to a scale-up or growth phase, and this is a very interesting time for the company and its employees. Ledidi offers a unique working environment, with medical doctors, statisticians, computer scientists, lawyers,

We are looking for medical or informatics students. They should be dedicated, ambitious and structured. Applicants with a data science background will be preferred, and a combination with medicine is an advantage.


Takeda is a global R&D driven pharmaceutical company committed to bring Better Health and Brighter Future to people worldwide. Our passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in our distinguished history in Japan since 1781.

We plan to have projects directly supporting our operations in Norway and Nordics in our prioritized therapy areas (gastroenterology and rare diseases) and health economics/market access. Students will be core team members working on a defined project in close collaboration with our cross-functional teams.

Fields: medicine, pharmacy, health management, health economics


Node Pharma develops targeted radiotherapy for treatment of metastatic disease.

As part of our drug development program the internship will be focused on in vivo animal experiments and assay development.

We are looking for a person with experience from the field of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry or bio sciences. You should have an eye for details, be result motivated and capable of working in a team towards a common goal.


Bliksund is a leading provider of digital solutions to emergency services. The company’s solutions provide control, insight, and common situational awareness. The ePCR solution, EWA, is the record system for prehospital services in Norway. In addition, the company provides operational management solutions and video streaming solutions to emergency services. The company has been growing fast over the last few years and has currently offices in 4 countries and customers in more than 15 countries.

The digital transformation in the emergency services create data that can be used to gain insight. The internship will be related to data analytics in prehospital services.

We are looking for students in medicine or health management with outstanding academic results. The ideal candidate is curious on processes, clinical outcome and technology.


Medlytic er en innsiktsplattform innen helse, som skal sikre at innsikten til de som vet hvor skoen trykker blir tatt med når beslutninger skal tas og nye verktøy skal utvikles. Det unike med Medlytic er at vi kombinerer det å ha det gøy med det å skape positiv endring i samfunnet. Medlytic er en såkalt impact startup og har som vårt samfunnsoppdrag å gjøre helse til det beste det kan være.

Medlytic har fått forskningsmidler fra RFF-Oslo for å utføre et forkningsprosjekt sammen med Sunnaas Sykehus. Sunnaas sykehus kontaktes i dag av næringsliv som ønsker innsikt om hvordan de kan utvikle bedre produkter og tjenester for pasienter og pårørende (en produktutviklingsprosess). Det er tidkrevende for Sunnaas å imøtekomme disse henvendelsene og arbeidet med å koble riktige brukerressurser til næringslivet er ressurskrevende for Sunnaas. På bakgrunn av dette ønsker de å finne en ny måte å gjøre denne produktutviklingsprosessen på sammen med Medlytic. Medlytic ønsker å innhente forskningsbasert kunnskap om hvordan disse prosessene gjøres i dag. Dokumentasjonen i forprosjektet skal bidra til å sette et nullpunkt for å måle om en ny tjeneste eller et nytt produkt fra Medlytic - som utvikles i et hovedprosjekt - bidrar til besparelser for Sunnaas sykehus (og andre sykehus på nasjonalt nivå) mtp. tid og ressurser, samt opplevd kvalitet av prosessen. Vi ønsker her å dokumentere produktutviklingsprosessen med forskningsbasert tilnærming. Denne kompetansen kan Medlytic anvende for å komme i posisjon til å utvikle en ny og forbedret prosess eller et nytt produkt for Sunnaas. Dette vil kunne gi verdiskapning for Sunnaas i form av besparelser på tid/ressurser, og verdiskapning for Medlytic i form av et validert produkt/en validert tjeneste som kan selges til andre foretak.

Vi ser etter studenter fra alle studieretninger som har en forskerspire i magen og har lyst til å delta i prosjektet. Her vil det bli mye kvalitative data å både hente inn og bearbeide.


"Syklotronsenteret er den største enkeltsatsingen på avansert medisinsk forskning og diagnostikk som er gjennomført i Norge, og er kommet i stand som et spleiselag mellom GE Healthcare AS, Norges Forskningsråd og Kunnskapsdepartementet. I selskapets lokaler har vi en syklotron for produksjon av radioisotoper. I tillegg har vi laboratorier hvor vi produserer de radioaktive produktene som benyttes ved PET-undersøkelser, og for kvalitetskontroll, Disse laboratoriene tilfredsstiller krav til farmasøytisk produksjon og strålevern."

Arbeidet ved NMS er på grunn av sin tverrfaglighet meget variert. Aktuelle prosjekter og arbeidsmotoder som kandidater kan ta del i er radiokjemisk syntese, prosessoptimalisering, cellekulturer, in vivo dyrestudier og in vitro analyser. Dette kan være rettet mot fibrosesykdommer, radiomerking av antistoffer, kreftdiagnostikk og terapi og studier av sentralnervesystemet.

Kandidater med bakgrunn innen kjemi, farmasi og medisin kan være egnet. Hvis en kandidat har tidligere erfaring med å håndtere radioaktivitet er det ønskelig.


GE Healthcare AS is a pharmaceutical company innovating and producing contrast media and molecular imaging agents. At our sites in Oslo, at Storo and in the Oslo Science Park, we have a wide range of functions supporting our business, from production, regulatory, quality, and R&D teams.

The project: Drug Product Development of imaging agents in precision health and personalized medicine.

Students in Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Chemistry with a entrepreneurial mindset and interest for pharmaceutical development and technology are preferred.

GreinDX AS

GreinDX is developing a new liquid biopsy platform allowing parallel capture and analysis of viable circulating tumour cells (CTC), ctDNA, exosomes and cancer related proteins. We located in Oslo Science Park (Aleap) in Oslo, and have key research resources in USA and Israel. We have an ongoing IPN project with with SINTEF minalab and Oslo University Hospital as R&D partners.

The interns will work in a laboratory setting at Ullevål hospital with focus on one or two of the following: 1. Surface chemistry: binding specific peptides to microscale silicon surfaces. 2. Cell biology: testing our new cell-capture device on various cancer cell lines and blood samples. 3. Optics: optimize advanced optical system used for monitoring fluid distribution on our CTC capturing device and studying captured CTCs.

Fields: medicine/physics/biosciences/biochemistry/cell biology Skills/interest: laboratory work


Manufacturer of advanced ultrasound equipment for cardiac exams, and handheld ultrasound equipment for a quick look during the physical exam.

Various development tasks, mainly software and AI, related to product development of handheld ultrasound equipment (Vscan Air).

We are looking for students with an interest for and skillset in programming (C++, python) and/or AI (machine learning algorithms)


Smerud Medical Research Group (SMERUD) er en full-service “Contract Research Organisation (CRO)” med aktiviteter primært i Nord-Europa. Vi har hovedkontor i Norge og datterselskaper i Danmark, Sverige, Finland, Storbritannia, Tyskland, Østerrike og Polen. Vår kjernevirksomhet er knyttet til tjenester for kliniske studier, primært prosjektledelse, monitorering, bivirkningshåndtering, regulatoriske oppgaver, data management, statistikk, ‘medical writing’ i tillegg til vår generelle rådgivningstjeneste rundt utvikling av legemidler og medisinsk utstyr. Etter hvert har vi utvidet våre tjenester til å dekke også refusjonssøknader og relevante aktiviteter etter markedsføring av et legemiddel. SMERUD ble etablert i 1993 og har siden den gangen vært involvert i mer enn 1600 prosjekter innen en rekke indikasjoner, land og studiefaser. Vi har ca. 35 ansatte og ytterligere 20 freelancere og konsulenter knyttet til vår virksomhet.

Som ‘intern’ hos SMERUD vil kandidaten(e) jobbe med konkrete dokumenter som inngår i våre ‘real life’ prosjekter. Oppgavene vil bli tildelt basert på bakgrunn og kompetansenivå, men vi forventer at studentene bør kunne jobbe innen pharmacovigilance med oppgaver innen såkalt SAE reconciliation, samt utforming av narrativer for enkeltstående alvorlige bivirkninger. Innen avdeling for kliniske studier vil studentene kunne jobbe med in-house data monitoring, medisinsk koding, enklere data management. For de virkelig faglig sterke kan man få delta i utredning og skriving av enkeltkapitler i forsøksprotokoller og studierapporter. Studentene vil jobbe sammen med en erfaren mentor under internship’et.

Vi ser spesielt etter farmasi- eller medisinstudenter (helst med interesse for farmakologi), men skulle gjerne sett at også studenter innen (eller med interesse for) medisinsk statistikk blir engasjert i ordningen. Av personlige egenskaper er nøyaktighet og faglig forståelse, samt evne til å uttrykke seg presist både skriftlig og muntlig på norsk og på engelsk helt essensielle kriterier for å lykkes i et konsulentmiljø.


Zimmer Digital is a virtual learning environment for medical students, closing the gap between the study hall and treatment room through simulation. We offer a simulation program where you train on virtual patients. Its an intuitive, engaging and accessible digital program where you interact, examine and decide which treatment the patient should get. We aim to higher the level of competency of tomorrow's doctors and hence better health care.

The medical students will produce medical content such as patient cases, gamification content and feedback. They will test their work on users and evaluate the program based on feedback and user.

Medical students with interest in teamwork, learning methods and innovation in health care.


Elhub er et sentralt IT-system som understøtter og effektiviserer kraftmarkedsprosesser som strømsalg, inn- og utflytting og opphør samt distribusjon og aggregering av måleverdier for all forbruk og produksjon i Norge. Elhub er et heleid datterselskap av Statnett SF.

KUBE 2023: Vil du bidra til å forme fremtidens grønne kraftsystem? Hver sommer arrangerer Statnett et tverrfaglig og innovativt prosjekt kalt KUBE, hvor seks studenter får mulighet til å jobbe med en av Statnetts fremtidige utfordringer. Kubistene vil oppleve en bratt læringskurve, effektivt samarbeid og en spennende mulighet til å prøve ut teoretiske studier i praksis. Resultatet av prosjektet presenteres for Statnetts konsernledelse og medarbeidere. Prosjektet har oppstart i slutten av juni og går over åtte uker, hvor det er lagt opp til to uker med ferie halvveis i arbeidsperioden. Årets KUBE-prosjekt vil være hos Elhub. Elhub er et datterselskap av Statnett, og ett av deres ansvarsområder er å beregne og distribuere underlag for avregning av strømforbruk og -produksjon ved hjelp av måleverdier, sluttbrukerinformasjon, og målepunktdata i kraftsystemet. Økte priser, nye nettariffer, og det grønne skiftet fører til at forbruk og produksjon ikke lenger følger de samme mønstrene som tidligere. For å forberede fremtidens kraftsystem må vi først avdekke hvilke mønstre og trender som finnes i dagens forbruk og produksjon. Sammen med teamet ditt vil du analysere og visualisere kraftsystemdata i leting etter forbruksmønstre og sammenhenger som kan bidra til å optimalisere beregningsmodeller og forme fremtidens energimarkeder. Gjennom sommeren vil du blant annet lære mer om kraftsystemet, forbruksmønstre, nettutnyttelse, databehandling, -analyser og -visualisering.

Studenter med kompetanse innen energi, elkraft, kraftmarked, IT, data science, samfunnsøkonomi og interaksjonsdesign. Vi ser etter studenter som: - Anerkjenner og verdsetter ulike bakgrunner, personligheter og kompetanser - Er løsningsorienterte, nysgjerrige og initiativrike - Er lagspillere som kommuniserer godt og er ansvarsbevisste - Er analytiske og reflekterte


Bio-Me is transforming microbiome analysis by making it possible to analyze hundreds of samples in less than a day, with high resolution and reproducibility and at an affordable cost. Combined with an exclusive biobank and extensive patient database, Bio-Me’s Precision Microbiome Profiling Platform (PMP™) enables the development of clinical tests that will improve health and well-being worldwide.

Bio-Me’s Precision Microbiome Profiling (PMP™) technology is enabling rapid access to precise gut microbiome data, empowering researchers to undertake efficient and actionable microbiome analysis for a diverse array of research. PMP™ is a qPCR-based approach on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s OpenArray® platform. This allows PMP™ to deliver accurate and detailed information about the microbiome in a high-throughput format, which is readily available for interpretation, and in a faster timeframe than traditional microbiome analysis approaches. Currently, we have several internal R&D projects in mind to both validate some our previous assessments, further optimize our protocols and expand our portfolio to other microbiomes markets. Which specific R&D project would be performed will depend in the personal interest of our interns and the interest of the company at the time of the internship. Interns should expect to be able to plan, carry and interpret results from these projects, always closely supported by Bio-Me's team.

Medicine, chemistry, nutrition, informatics and other bio-sciences students are welcomed. For the Wet Lab projects, it would be necessary to know and have a certain level of confidence with the practices in a molecular biology laboratory. For the Dry Lab projects, students with a good understanding of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics are also preferred.


KARAHCO AS is a Norwegian limited company founded in August 2021. In response to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, KARAHCO AS has been working on a project aiming to design, assess, and commercialize a standalone device for molecular testing of COVID-19. The project, supported by Innovation Norway (ref. no.: 2021/335263), involves using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) and the nucleic acids binding affinity and wicking ability of commercial filter paper to detect specific sequences of the viral RNA within 60 minutes and without the need for advanced equipment or expertise.

The successful intern will be in charge of: 1. Developing and performing laboratory experiments to assess the analytical performance of RT-LAMP as a molecular approach for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. 2. Evaluating the ability and stability of making dry storages of the RT-LAMP reagents in paper matrix using different formulations of preservatives. 3. Using the RT-qPCR technique as a reference assay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. 4. Interpreting the results, troubleshooting the assays, and developing a set of standard operating procedures.


• Field experience within a relevant research field (medicine, pharmacy, or bio sciences).

• Very good communication skills in written and oral English.

• Good knowledge and expertise in handling the above-described molecular microbiology assays.


Vilje Bionics is a Norwegian Start-up that develops ABELarm, a motorised orthosis (exoskeleton) for people that have lost function in their arms and hands. The orthopedic assistive device is for people with disabilities due to stroke or other neurological conditions that affect the users’ arm and grip. ABELarm is controlled by user-initiated force. And with motors located on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and a gripping device, the exoskeleton allows users to move their affected arm and grip objects independently. Currently, we are 7 full-time employees working at Aleap (Health start-up incubator in Oslo Science Park).

The student will work with the Vilje Bionics team on how to plan and execute a health economic analysis of their assistive device. Furthermore, the student will get responsibilities and work related to reimbursement schemes and insurance companies in certain regions of the EU (Primarily large markets like Germany/France). Why is this interesting? Today, there are no commercially available assistive devices on the market with an equal value proposition for the user. Because of the assistive device innovative nature, there is not a lot of health economic analysis done with such a device. Furthermore, the “exoskeleton for home use” market is a new and rapidly growing market. Policy makers, public reimbursement schemes and insurance companies do not have a gold standard to evaluate many of the products compared to other product. Some key factors to bring such devices to the market is an understanding of public and private health institutions and to have a solid health economic analysis that can quantify the benefits for governments and users. This internship is a great way for the student to test their knowledge of health economy and to see the result of their work have an impact for people with disabilities and Vilje Bionics as a company. Although it is a summer internship that early gives the student responsibilities, Vilje Bionics will provide necessary follow-up and guidance throughout the summer. We offer the student a desk in our offices.

Both field (medicine/ pharmacy / health management / chemistry / nutrition / physics / informatics / bio sciences) and personal skills, interest etc.

We are looking for students in Health Economics, Policy and Management. No preference in specializations.